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About MonsterWash:

Embark on a cleaning journey and restore polluted worlds by cleansing giant spirit monsters. Use various tools to rid the monsters of dirt, pollution, and corruption, revitalizing the environment and unveiling the monsters' divinity. Bring back the fruits of nature to your village and see how it thrives alongside nature in the Action-Adventure Cleaning Simulator MonsterWash! Get the latest news, Sign up for our Newsletter! 👉 Puzzle Platforming!

MonsterWash incorporates environmental puzzles, requiring players to explore each area, climb monsters, and navigate their surroundings to find higher positions for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Discovering elevated vantage points becomes crucial for effectively cleaning the entire monster!

Clean to Restore!

Through the player's meticulous cleaning efforts, the monsters' appearances will transform, shedding their polluted forms and regaining their majestic, divine look. Witness immersive transformations as the world responds to the player's actions, with flowers blooming and previously absent critters returning to roam the restored areas!

Discover Tools!

While exploring the different areas, players will stumble upon new tools and cleaning techniques. These tools are essential for effectively cleansing different types of dirt and pollution from the monsters. Experimenting with various tools and their unique functionalities on monsters and enviroment alike to progress and discover secrets!

Connect with Monsters and Experience their Stories!

In Monsterwash the player can build an emotional connection with the spirits of the world. Bond with the monsters and experience empathy for their stories, feel the motivation to restore your world to its former beauty and bring back the harmony!

About Speldosa:

Founded by 10 experienced game developers, Speldosa is here to be a positive force within the games industry! This tight-knit team have already worked for multiple years together on big mobile games titles such as Castle Cats, Dungeon Dogs, and AlchiMerge. They’re now looking to break into the computer and console games market, basing their company values on Inclusivity, Transparency, Accessibility, and Sustainability. Speldosa wants to expand the definition of who plays games. Find more information and contact Speldosa via their website 👉

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